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Wellness Super Soothe Back & Neck Massager


Gaiam's Super Soothe Massager is a game-changer for your neck and back. The rotating nodes mimic a human deep-tissue massage along with the heat function that helps to stimulate blood flow and release tightness and tension. There are eight rotating massage heads(four on each side) that will help you keep your back and neck loose and relaxed. Also included is a car power adaptor as the Super Soothe Massager is the perfect solution after a long day driving. Position the Super Soothe Massager to work those tight spots from lower back to lower neck and say hello your your happiest back ever!


Features and Benefits:

  • Offers both heating and kneading function
  • 8 rotating massage heads (4 on each side) imitate a human deep tissue massage
  • Ideal for home and car use
  • Includes a standard power adaptor plus a car power adaptor cord
  • Offers a soothing heated massage
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Care Instructions:

Use only as directed

Keep out of reach of infants and younger children

See inside pack for detailed instructions