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Step 360


The Step360 will transform your workouts and your body! The revolutionary design marries two adjustable air-filled chambers with a flat, padded platform. You'll burn several calories each workout while firming your muscles and flattening your abs. Every time you step on the Step360's platform, you engage your entire core and surrounding stabilizing muscles.

Your kit includes:

  • The adjustable Step360
  • The Step360 Fast Interval Training DVD (with 6 programs on 1 DVD; 90 minutes)
  • A Step360 Sculpting Cord and a weight loss success guide
  • Plus two bonus items: 20-minute DVD with two workouts and a 7-day express guide
  • The included DVDs feature Jessie Pavelka, today's hottest new fitness trainer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Add or decrease air to control just how challenging you want your workout to be
  • To boost your results even more, use a sculpting cord
  • 65cm at widest point when inflated 52cm across platforms
  • Pump Included.
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